A bit about me

As a young person I drifted somewhat naively without taking any sort of control until into my late twenties. I was very sensitive and suffered from clinical depression for several years in my early twenties. At one point I almost made it to my calling when I completed an ITEC Level 3 Massage course at Harrogate College around my job. I was interested with the idea of going into nursing, but ultimately I drifted into IT management.

I met my husband, and we married and life began to get better. I gained more confidence and had enough life skills to know what worked for me and made me happy. I had always wanted children, already having had a beautiful niece, and I had always felt an affinity with children. Unfortunately this was not possible. We were told to keep trying, but it felt too risky and heart-breaking to continue and eventually after a very difficult grieving process, we came to terms with childlessness. 

I started to consider my PlanB...It was my feeling that I needed to help people and do something creative. This led me to drop some hours in my IT role, and start volunteering at St Gemma's Hospice in the Complementary Therapy team. I had my massage qualification and also tried another therapy which was popular at the hospice - Reiki. I had heard of Reiki but had no idea what it was. When I tried it as a recipient, I felt so at peace and serene; it felt very spiritual and I decided to take the training myself.


I trained to Level 1 and 2 Angelic Reiki with Anna-Louise Haigh in December 2017 and then incorporated that at the hospice and with many friends and family. As well as being able to help others, the effects of Reiki in my life were amazing. I took up embroidery, and started to develop my intuition and other skills associated with wellness such as crystals, aromatherapy, gratitude, mindfulness, oracle cards and law of attraction. I had felt my calling.


I took my Level 3 and 4 Angelic Reiki attunement in October 2018 and I am registered with the Angelic Reiki Association as an Angelic Reiki Master Practitioner. In December 2018 I completed a 10 week long course to become a Guided Meditation Leader, accredited by the Federation of Holistic Therapists . I had started to use meditation and visualisation every day during recovery from an operation on my wrist in July 2018. One of my wrist bones had actually died after complications from a break 12 months before. I know that daily meditation and visualisation was one of the reasons I have made such a recovery with the bone regenerating. "What the mind can feel, the body can heal" is really true. 

I was led to leave St Gemma's hospice after 12 wonderful months, because I wanted to share my skills with a wider variety of people and situations. 

Humans now live in a very dissociated way from our origins as hunter-gatherers. This is a challenge, even for those of us blessed to grow up in developed countries with a good home, we are challenged by our technology and globalisation, and pressures of our burgeoning population. Looking after your body is generally well known, with mindfulness coming into mainstream consciousness now. In fact, if we can work on our mental wellbeing, we actually discover what is on the outside is not as important, provided we live in a healthy sustainable way. Therapies such as Angelic Reiki and Guided Meditation look after not only our body and mind, but also our soul and spirit, and in fact start to raise the vibrations of our planet so we can ascend to our rightful place. 

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