July 2020 Re-Opening

I am really pleased to be back and ready to hold space for you and your wellbeing. I will be taking bookings from Thursday 16th July and I am happy to announce I will be adding mobile treatments for Angelic Reiki and Reflexology to my portfolio. I am aware the last few months have brought and will continue to bring challenges:

  • Many people are experiencing stress or anxiety. This may surface more easily as time goes by, or when expectations or circumstances change. 

  • Some people are expressing anxieties, but sometimes people are isolated with those concerns. People may not always understand the pressure that they are under. Moods can swing from enjoyment to deep sadness or anger.

  • Some people are grieving for loved ones, and circumstances make this difficult. Some people may be grieving at the cancellation of events, such as weddings or family gatherings. Others may be grieving at the loss of a job or a business.

  • Some people are struggling to survive financially.

  • Some people have been locked down in disadvantaged circumstances with no access to open space, especially families with children.

  • Some people have mental or physical issues which make them more vulnerable to stress and anxiety about the current situation. This may manifest as apparently irrational fear, anger or depression.

I am aware of the fear and anxiety in myself, and I take time to look after my wellbeing, so I can support my clients. When we meet we will focus on what is nourishment, being careful to avoid going into difficult places, for which you are not ready.

From the practical side the following changes will be in place to maintain a covid-safe space:

  • Risk assessment prior to appt.

  • Increased hand-washing.

  • Maximising space during consultations and in the waiting area. 

  • Extra cleaning between clients.

  • I will be wearing a face covering, I strongly advise you to do so, unless you have an exemption card.

  • Ventilation of room between appointments.

  • Pay by card or bank transfer preferred.

  • Please bring your own blanket. Fresh towels, bed roll, and eye pillows for each client are provided.

  • Please bring your own water bottle.

April 2020 Covid 19 Update

2020 is turning out to be a turning point year.

This was expected and predicted, but no-one could have known how globally, devastatingly and suddenly it would take place. 

Huge numbers of people, especially women, are undergoing a spiritual shift and 'waking up' as a result of the slow-down in our lives. They are re-connecting with their mother earth and themselves.

For others, this may come much later and more painfully. Perhaps you are are fully immersed in the practical business saving lives and continuing essential work, or perhaps the change will only occur later for you. All journeys are individual and valid.

I am here to support you, as one of many 'light-workers' and therapists this is what we have been training for. Please use the contact page to ask me about distance therapies, or sign up my e-mail bulletins recommendations on where to go for support. There are a multitude of options available now, and sometimes personal recommendations from experience can help.

On a more practical note, please be assured that as a member of the AoR (Association of Reflexologists - a professional body) I am receiving extremely good guidance on when and how to return back to face to face treatments. More information on this to follow when the situation changes.

January 2020 Do crystals really work?

A Crystal (Mono-crystalline) is a type of solid with a very ordered and repeating pattern at atom structure. Solid substances fall into 3 categories; Mono-crystalline, Polycrystalline and Amorphous. Most rocks fall into the Polycrystalline, as does ice. Amorphous substances include ceramics, glass and plastics. use of 'sacred stones' for mystical purposes was common among the pagan peoples and is referred to many times in ancient religions.

It is important to recognise this, as the qualities of a crystal comes from its very ordered pattern of structure. Polycrystalline rocks have a random structure, whereas crystals have a repeating pattern, which actually will re-adjust itself when subjected to an outside force, such as pressure or heat, to quickly restore its internal stability. It is this quality that we have used in technology; watches, lasers and regulating devices.

This could be what we are experiencing when using crystals; a force of coherence and order, acting upon our own etheric energy field to bring order to imbalances.















Whilst crystal healing, and its effect on an aura, is considered a pseudo-science,  by the mainstream scientific community, the use of crystals goes back thousands of years. Hopefully as we start to scientifically explore holistic wellbeing we will discover and enhance our ability to use the power of crystal energy.

Nikola Tesla was a genius and futurist who described crystals as “living beings”.


However, as times progress during the 16th century and during the renaissance and in enlightened Europe people wanted to know more about how crystals worked, and science-based approaches took much more centre stage. They fell into a perception of use for occult and Wiccan purposes, and only came back into the mainstream popularity from the 1980’s. At the very least there is a placebo effect, often dismissed by mainstream medicine, but in itself proof of the body and mind’s ability to self-heal, given enough positive thought patterns.

In my experience when correctly cleansed, charged and programmed with intention, crystals do seem to have a positive effect.

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