What happens in a Distant Angelic Reiki?

Angelic Reiki energy can be sent to whole countries, families or eco-systems. I can also send the same energy to you while you stay at home or other undisturbed location. This is perfect if you cannot attend in person, for health reasons for example.


Even though it appears at first sight we are separate, this is misleading. All things are connected via energy and energy accounts for 99.9% of everything. When you think of the empty space between particles in an atom, or the huge empty spaces between stars in the Universe, then most of this empty space is energy. Quantum physics says that energy is the basis of matter. 

In a distant Angelic Reiki session I connect to my higher self and set the intention for the highest good of all involved. I connect to 'source' and then send energy to you.

Distant Reiki is very similar to a normal Reiki session, except I am not with you, I will be at home in East Keswick, West Yorkshire:

  • We will have a consultation over e-mail, video or telephone. This allows me to understand a little bit about what's going on in your life and what you are looking to achieve.

  • We arrange a date and time for the session to take place, allowing 30 minutes. It is important that you are somewhere warm and quiet where you will not be disturbed. You will lay on your bed or sit in a comfortable chair. You do not need to do anything other than take a few deep breaths and relax.

  • As the client you may experience different visualisations of colours, images, messages or insights and peaceful relaxed feelings. These may be quite detailed or flashes of shapes or impressions. You may feel heat in some areas and experience little 'jolts'. Tingling, itching or pulsing sensations are common. Sometimes clients fall asleep - this is absolutely fine -as you are receiving the energy on a very deep level beyond everyday consciousness.

  • Afterwards you should take some time to come around, don't get up straight away. We both journal what we experienced in terms of impressions and sensations. You call or e-mail me back when you are ready to share what you felt (this may be straight away or some people prefer to have a day or two to allow the energy to do its work).

  • I will provide after care advice; the Reiki energy will continue to work for around 3 days afterwards.