Holistic Therapeutic Massage

Massage has its roots in ancient history. Massage is a general term for working on the body, using a variety of techniques and strokes that involve touching, gentle kneading, and stroking the body for therapeutic purposes. A neutral carrier oil, such as grape seed or almond oil, is applied topically, and I also make use of aromatherapy oils by inhalation (through vaporisers, on a tissue or bedding). 













Massage can be used alongside other treatments and you will benefit on a physical or psychological/emotional level. Massage has been known to...

  • promote relaxation

  • relieve stress and tension

  • provide emotional support

  • alleviate anxiety and and low mood/depression

  • alleviate pain and symptoms

  • improve sleep pattern

  • support general well being

I can combine massage with Angelic Reiki and/or Guided Meditation to take a very holistic and client-centred approach. I also deliver specific stroke techniques for chakra balancing, which are not taught to most therapeutic massage students. These were gifted to me by my mentor and trainer, Anna-Louise Haigh. 

Massage therapist Wetherby and Leeds.

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