What happens in an Angelic Reiki Session?

I will get to know you a little bit through a consultation, ideally before we meet, so I can find out about your aims and situation. Often clients are looking for relaxation, but frequently my clients are looking for assistance with life changes or transitions.

At the actual session you will be laid on a therapy bed, fully clothed and covered with soft blankets, including my crocheted chakra colours blanket. We can start or finish the session with a grounding or cleansing ceremony. These are short guided meditations which can help you relax at the start of a session, or consolidate the energy at the end. 

Reiki Treatment

I ground myself, the aura of my client and myself to initiate the connection to source. I set the intention for the session by asking that the Reiki is given for the highest good of all involved.

As the client you may experience different visualisations of colours, images, messages or insights and peaceful relaxed feelings. These may be quite detailed or flashes of shapes or impressions. You may feel heat in some areas and experience little 'jolts'. Tingling, itching or pulsing sensations are common. Sometimes clients fall asleep - this is absolutely fine -as you are receiving the energy on a very deep level beyond everyday consciousness.

I will place my hands gently on the main chakras and sub chakras, which are around your head, shoulders, chest, hips, knees, ankles and feet. If it helps I can show you these hand positions before we start. Often clients are so inquisitive the first time they have Reiki, it can inhibit their ability to really release, as they are thinking about what I am doing, so it can help to show you before.

I will create a channel with source, you may think of this as the energy of source which connects every living thing. My role as the practitioner is to hold a space for this energy balancing to occur.


Afterwards you'll be able to discuss what you experienced. It is good to drink plenty of water afterwards and find some space for yourself during the day or evening following. Angelic Reiki can release blocked feelings or energy, but this is always in a gentle way and never more than you are ready for. I will make recommendations on future sessions and after care. If my client is dealing with life changes and transitions, soul work or soul discovery I will recommend a course of sessions.

As a member of the Angelic Reiki Association I am committed to practicing Angelic Reiki in the form it was originally channelled by Kevin Core in 2002/2003.

; Hebrew_ רָפָאֵל, translit. Rāfāʾēl, li